Brilliant Futures Daycare


Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on developmentally appropriate learning and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here.

Our Daycare

Our beautiful environment includes age-appropriate play areas for children from infancy through pre-school age. Our experienced, skilled staff works together as a team to guide your child through his or her early learning journey. Come visit us!



At Brilliant Futures Daycare & Preschool we believe quality early childhood experiences lead to better futures!

  • We support a holistic approach to healthy development. We achieve results by nurturing an expanding mind, a growing body, emergent social skills and emotional intelligence.
  • We believe children need a strong foundation to encourage a love for life-long learning.
  • We believe that a baby's best caregiver is the baby's own parents.  Secure attachment and early bonding creates the foundation for brain development. 
  • We support a parent's decision or need to be employed or pursuing higher education. We provide a second loving environment the child can bond with his or her caregivers and thrive in an attachment-positive manner.         
  • We are committed to preparing our graduates to meet the challenges waiting for them.

***Due to our limited capacity & philosophy about early caregivers we prefer to enroll children whose parents are currently employed, studying or pursuing a better future for their family. We feel parents who can stay home with their children are already providing the highest quality early learning experience a baby/toddler can receive***

2014 Brochure & Price List

Currently we are only accepting inquiries the for 2016/2017 wait list 

for children born in 2014 or due dates in 2015

Preference will be made towards BREASTFEEDING families

1842 Radcliff Avenue, Bronx, New York | 718-502-9455